CASO Cricket League
CASO Cricket League Details
Address: 208 Buli Lane
United States - 60440
Established: 2009
Current Series: Summer 2022
About: CASO Cricket League is providing premier level cricket and are determined to build diversified communities, promote, encourage, foster and cultivate interest in the sport of cricket at all levels and including Youth and Adults; To initiate, sponsor, promote and carry out plans, policies and activities that would further the development and advancement of cricket in Chicago, Suburbs, Midwest surrounding areas; To work with State and National level entities such as Park Boards, Schools, and approved National Cricket Organizations to create infrastructure and promote the sport of Cricket; To develop, foster and train amateur athletes for representation in state, national and international cricket competitions.
We organize Hardball, TapeBall Indoor/Outdoor and Heavy Tennis Tournaments.

Only Cricket League to provide 52 weeks of cricket in Chicago Land Area.
#BreakingBarriers #TeamCASO

Note: CASO Cricket League is a partner of Mid America Cricket Conference and they jointly conduct the Mid America T30 tournaments using shared resources.
Executive Committee
Tariq Khan 630-667-3762
Hussain Maddy 630-405-8815
Sarti Krishnan 630-258-4285
Tariq Khan President, League Operations 630-667-3762
Hussain Maddy Chief Operating Officer, League Operations 630-405-8815
Sarti Krishnan President, Mid America Premier T30;  Mid America T30 630-258-4285
Faisal Nafasat Vice President 773-319-1667
Qasim Mehdi General Secretary  
Fahad Ahmed Chairman, Judiciary Committee
Sarti Krishnan Chairman, Rules Committee
Khurram Hussain V.P., TapeBall  
Syed Abdullah Media Manager  
Masood Chik Director  
Saqib Raza Director  
Khurram Nizami Business Officer  
Harris Usmani Public Relations  
Sarti Krishnan is the President of Mid America Cricket Conference and the tournaments Mid America Premier T30 and Mid America T30